Statement In Support of Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

Author: Department of Sociology & Sexuality Studies
March 22, 2021

The faculty of the Department of Sociology & Sexuality Studies at San Francisco Statemourn and condemn the recent brutal killings of members of Asian American communities.  On March 16th, a gunman killed 8 people at massage parlors in Atlanta. The victims include 6 Asian women who were working low-wage, vulnerable, in-person service jobs during the pandemic.

These shootings are part of a larger pattern of both misogyny and racially motivated attacks against AAPI communities in the U.S.

Anti-Asian violence has a long history in this country and has been additionally fueled in the past year by racist scapegoating of Asians for the COVID pandemic.  It is crucial to speak up against this, not only at moments of deadly violence such as what occurred in Atlanta – but as part of an ongoing commitment to fight against systemic anti-AAPI racism and white supremacy.  We, the faculty of this department, have failed to speak in the past and this silence is a mistake we regret and pledge to change.

We stand in solidarity with our Asian American communities and commit to speaking out and engaging in ongoing education, advocacy, and collaboration to challenge anti-AAPI racism on this campus and beyond.

We suggest the following resources for support and information, collected by faculty in Sociology and Sexuality Studies faculty and colleagues in Women and Gender Studies:

Social Justice Organizations working against anti-AAPI racism and violence

Community-engaged scholarship challenging bias and oppression:

Resources for understanding and responding to Anti-AAPI racism

How do we understand the cycle of Anti-AAPI racism and respond with transformative justice?

What is the intersection of racism and misogyny in American Christianity?

Why must we respond to anti-AAPI violence using intersectional analysis and seeking systemic change?

How to get involved in supporting AAPI communities and challenging anti-AAPI racism

Volunteer as a chaperone to keep community members in Oakland’s Chinatown safe  (or request a chaperone for yourself or a family member!)

Sign up for a bystander intervention training focused on challenging Anti-AAPI and Xenophobic harassment:

Check out the WeChat Project’s action items and resources:

Look for other ways to support the AAPI community:

In San Francisco, support or get involved with these organizations:

On the San Francisco State University campus, plug into these student organizations:

Information and resources for self-care and wellness for AAPI students

Self-Care for Asian Americans Dealing with Racism during the COVID pandemic:

Counseling and Psychological Services: