Andreana Clay

Andreana Clay

Professor of Sociology; Interim Dean, College of Health and Social Sciences
Sociology, Sexuality Studies
Phone: (415) 338-1090
Location: HSS 372

Office hours are by appointment only.

Andreana Clay is a Professor in the Department of Sociology. Her book, The Hip-Hop Generation Fights Back: Youth Activism and Post-Civil Rights Politics (NYU Press, 2012) explores how youth of color organize and identify as activists in the post civil rights era. Her articles on hip-hop culture, queer sexuality, youth activism, and hip-hop feminism have appeared in several anthologies and academic journals, including Home Girls Make Some Noise!: A Hip-Hop Feminist Anthology, the American Behavioral Scientist, and Meridians: A Journal of Race, Feminism, and Transnationalism.

Previously Offered Courses

  • SOC 300 Sociological Analysis (Hip-Hop Culture and Popular Music)
  • SOC 371 Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • SOC 467 Queer Cultures and Society
  • SOC 469 Gender and Society
  • SOC 490 Popular Culture and
  • SOC 500 Adolescence: Youth, Selfhood and Social Inequality

Research Interests

  • Youth Culture and Identity
  • Queer of Color Theory and Critique
  • Popular Culture
  • Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality
  • Social Movements and Activism


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